Band Wars

Spent a day watching the grand final of Band Wars held here in Melbourne. Watched about 9 amateur bands competing against each other to win the comp and get a recording session. Connor and his band Fallen Star made the final but unfortunately didn’t win the comp.

I had a blast playing with my new camera and photographing some of the bands……mainly Fallen Star of course.



WOW Time Flies!

I can’t believe its been so long since I have posted here.

I have decided it’s time to keep this blog up to date. So where do I start?

It’s funny …..I ask myself whats been happening and all I can think to myself is not alot but so much.Life is so fast these days I really struggle sometimes to keep up.Not alot has been happening on the photographic side of my life. I have hardly had the camera in my hand foe 12 months now….I miss it ….miss being creative alot. But had so much other stuff filling my head I find it difficult to stop and just take a photo.

That needs to change.!!!!!!

We are packing up our house and moving so hopefully when that is done and dusted I will be able to calm down and create.

Watch this space.

The Year is Coming to a Close.

2014 is close to the end , I can’t believe it’s almost over.

My year at Holmesglen has a week to go, almost finished all my assignments…yippee

I have so enjoyed being back learning again, although there where times I didn’t think I was going to make it. It has been a big year for me but I have made it through. Learnt alot.